What I Do

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor MGP-IMG_7287-Edit - Copy

Miss Dilworth is currently a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who provides services in Maryland. She specializes in Depression, PTSD, and Sexual Trauma. Miss Dilworth’s theoretical orientation consist of CBT, TFCBT, DBT, SFT, Gestalt Therapy, and Art Therapy. She sees families, couples, children, teens, and adults. She provides therapy services via her office located in Maryland, online, and phone.

Professional Speaker

20180319_161931Miss Dilworth has a history of being a key note speaker for youth, college students, church groups, women’s groups, conferences, and workshops.

“I highly recommend Ms. Dilworth for any motivational speaking engagement. Her authenticity and enthusiasm about her story engaged and inspired not only me, but the audience. Her story captured hearts and minds to know no matter your situation you must move forward and do your best.” — Gina Darby, CEO, VZND:BY:GOD

“Tiffani, you empowered and enlightened us all. Earnest Love, Inc. sincerely thanks you for being such a great blessing to Thursday night’s support group!” — Chant`e Dent, CEO, Earnest Love, Inc.

Radio Co-Host

radioMiss Dilworth has been a Co-Host on Beyond Clarity, WTAN 106.1 FM since January 2018. Her fellow Co-Host include Tiffany Wherner and Kirk Miller. The show sheds light on mental health issues and allows callers to discuss their struggles. Beyond Clarity airs in Florida and is syndicated in Texas. Tune in every Thursday from 1p-2p EST or listen to previous shows at http://www.internetradiopros.com/beyondclarity/

Founder & Executive Director of Inspirational Hope Inc.


Miss Dilworth founded Inspirational Hope Inc. (IH) in 2016 in hopes to support those who’ve experienced grief and sexual trauma to lead a healthier mental, emotional, and spiritual life. In 2017, Miss Dilworth’s dream of making IH  a non profit came true.

As the current Executive Director of IH, she enjoys supporting her community by collaborating with other local non profit organizations in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia to create workshops, conferences, and support groups. View past and upcoming events at https://inspirationalhope.org/


Dilworth Book Cover - FINAL - CopyThis supportive self help book was written in 3 months. Miss Dilworth’s drive and  determination to provide an easy read for those who’ve experienced sexual abuse drove her to create this piece of work.

Purchase your copy TODAY on Amazon or LuLu.

What Raving Fans are Saying:

“I love the practicality of each tool. Many survivors of trauma do not know where to start in order for their healing process to begin. In this book, survivors learn to approach their healing one step at a time.”                                           Chanté Dent, CEO of Earnest Love, Inc.”

“… an essential and compact resource book that one can refer back to over and over again. …the variety of personal narratives from survivors provides the reader the freedom to supplement the book as a journal or spiritual guide. … it is definitely created for US.  Thank you for this labor of love, Tiffani!”      Jodie Ortega, Author of Breaking My Silence

“… a very important tool that is easy to follow and understand. …Every survivor just transitioning out of the trauma into freedom should be equipped with a tool like this.  Had I been aware resources like this were available after I left my abuser of over 4 years, the first year would have been much easier to handle.  Thank you for providing this indispensable resource to other trauma survivors, Tiffani!”      Amy