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ppl  Normalize Your Experience

Family, friends, and co-workers may not understanding how you are grieving. That can be a lonely place. In this workshop, you will hear others’ experience with grief and be able to connect with those who are also grieving.

mag glassIdentify Triggers

All of us are susceptible to being triggered. You will learn to identify your triggers and what it takes to guide your grief to a healthy place that allows you to maintain stability in your life.

      seedlingGrow Your Understanding of Grief and Mourning

 The grieving and mourning process can be complicated. Learn different methods to understanding and vocalize your grieving process.

build   Build Confidence in Managing Your Grief

  A true measure of managing your grief is how long you are captivated in an unhealthy mental and emotional state. There is no time better than now to open yourself to receive an immense amount of non-judgmental support and a new way of embracing grief.


If you are one of the following then you should attend:
Someone close to you died
You feel stuck in your grieving process
Want to learn more about grief and mourning

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This workshop will give you the tools and the support to manage your grief. Learn ways to process your thoughts and feelings to re-establish stability in your life.


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